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Training Sessions 2010 (choose one)

1) Stochastic Optimization Modeling: Principles and Application to Intermittent Renewables in the Energy Market

In this session, we will explore the principles of stochastic optimization and their applications to renewables that have intermittency features. Topics from stochastic optimization will include: recourse methods, chance constraints, and stochastic dynamic programming. We will model the interaction of intermittent renewable sources and fossil fuels to achieve some sort of balance between societal goals and smooth running of the power grid.

Trainer: Prof. Dr. Steven A. Gabriel (University of Maryland)

2) Transmission Expansion of Electricity Networks with Time-Varying Supply and Demand

Based on the existing literature on transmission expansion, this course addresses the challenges of integrating time-varying supply and demand. The focus will be on the adoption of existing mechanisms to renewables integration: incentive schemes, costs-based schemes, and combines schemes such as the Hogan-Rosellon-Vogelsang mechanism. Applications will be implemented in GAMS, e.g. for the Benelux region and the North Sea.

Trainer: Prof. Dr. Juan Rosellon (CIDE, Mexico)


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